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Social Listening Platform with Visual Analysis
Turn millions of online conversations into a source of customer satisfaction and market insight with our partner

  • Adapt your communication and organization to changes (climate, energy, media).

  • Build a positive, unifying narrative around its destination.

  • Know what's changing in the Alps.

  • Overcome isolation and competition between destinations.

  • Bring together the players in the changing Alps.


Never miss a thing about your destination

Collect all your brand mentions by keywords, logos, and text on images from thousands of media sources in real-time. Get access to 500 billion+ historical conversations.

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Crisis Management, Protect Your Brand Reputation

React to threats and anticipate important events in real-time to safeguard your brand. Receive real-time notifications on critical events

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Use AI-powered data segmentation

We automatically sort mentions by categories, subjects, and trends to uncover the most important information among billions of conversations happening online.

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Competitor Analysis

Understand how and in which setting your brand appears compared to your competitors.

Juxtapose user-generated images featuring your rivals to identify differences and similarities. Find out how your brand stands out from the rest.

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Book a demo to get an offer

Enjoy Unlimited mentions, Unlimited users, Unlimited alerts, 
and ChatGPT-powered Insights Copilot

Social listening essentials3 topics (text-based search queries)

  • Up to 30,000 monthly mentions

  • Full coverage of supported social media, blogs, forums, reviews, and online news sources

Included powers 🚀

  • ChatGPT Insights Copilot (30 questions/mo)

  • Aspect sentiment analysis, trend detection, word clouds, and more

  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations

  • Fully customizable dashboard

  • Mention Wall for TVs and big screens

Unlimited capabilities ♾️

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited Social Searches

  • Unlimited rules and alerts

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